Groove3 Softube Vocoder Explained [TUTORIAL]

Fans of the Vocoder rejoice! Softube’s Vocoder plugin ticks all the right boxes, bringing that beloved sound to the masses at a fraction of the price that hardware units (let alone vintage hardware units) often fetch. In this Softube Vocoder video course, veteran Groove3 instructor Thomas Cochran takes you on a journey through this inspiring plugin, teaching you how to achieve the classic vocoder effect along with a number of other creative tricks that can transport a track to another galaxy and back. Whether you just want to recreate a version of “Mr. Blue Sky” for your live set or dig deep and experiment your way to sonic bliss, you’ll learn all you need to know here! These Softube Vocoder videos are designed for new Softube Vocoder users.

Thomas welcomes you and begins with an overview of the plugin, a bit of history, some setup details, and shows how the preset menu is organized. Then it’s on to the Carrier Synth, where you’ll learn how to modify incoming vocal signals in a number of different ways, and the Resynthesis controls, with which you can adjust the frequency content and harmonics for a variety of effects.

Next up, Thomas digs into the other controls on the synth—Unvoiced and Freeze – both of which can be used to generate many more otherwordly sounds, from subtle to extreme. You’ll also learn about the different modulation possibilities on the Vocoder. To close out the course, Thomas demonstrates several sound design examples from scratch, so you can see the synth in action and watch how it’s done. These include the classic vocoder effect, re-synthesizing a percussion loop, and a full-sounding, lush pad.

If you’re a vocoder fan, this plugin from Softube is sure to please, and this Softube Vocoder course is the best way to learn how to get the most out of this instrument quickly and easily. See the individual Softube Vocoder video tutorial descriptions for more information about what is exactly shown and covered… Watch “Softube Vocoder Explained®” now!

What You Will Learn:

  • Global controls, preset menu, and basic history
  • Using the Carrier Synth to modify incoming vocal signals for various effects
  • Adjusting the frequency content and harmonics via the Resynthesis Control
  • Taking things further with the Unvoiced, Freeze, and modulation controls
  • And more!

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