Groove3 Orchestrating in Logic Pro X TUTORIAL

Groove3 Orchestrating in Logic Pro X TUTORIAL

Your personal Logic Orchestra awaits! Eli Krantzberg guides you through a comprehensive series on how to create realistic orchestral arrangements using nothing but Logic Pro X and its built-in instruments. You also get the Logic Project files so you can follow along and experiment!

Eli begins with an overview of what will be covered in the series, talking about how he’ll take a simple piano sketch and orchestrate it into something big and beautiful using Logic’s instruments.

This is followed by videos on things that make for more realistic sound, such as use of Logic’s Articulation IDs, creating and editing MIDI Expression, tempo curves, panning, predealy, and reverb.

Throughout the series Eli explores and explains ways to develop the original musical idea, as well as how to build up the orchestration by creating a melody, counter melody, rhythmic ostinatos, harmonic variations, and more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for what’s covered. If you use Logic Pro X and want to know how to produce convincing orchestral arrangements using Logic’s instruments, this video series is on your “must watch” list. Get “Orchestrating in Logic Pro X” today!

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