Groove3 Making Old School Samples with NI Plugins TUTORIAL

If you’re looking to create some of your own vintage, old-school-sounding samples and loops for use in your productions, this is for you. In this informative Native Instrument video course, production expert Larry Holcombe takes you step-by-step through the sample and sound design process, using nothing but Native Instruments virtual instruments and plug-ins. You’ll learn how to create vintage drum grooves, add percussion, create chord progressions and basslines, add tape wobble effects and other lo-fi touches, and much more. These videos are designed for those with basic familiarity with Native Instruments plug-ins, virtual instruments, and their DAW of choice.

Larry kicks things off with a playthrough of the track he’ll be creating, along with a discussion about what will be covered in the course. Then it’s down to business, starting with a basic drum groove that’s built with ABBEY ROAD 60s DRUMMER. Then you’ll see how to enhance the groove with added touches from SESSION PERCUSSIONIST, including congas and triangle.

With the basic beat established, Larry then demonstrates how you can use PLAYBOX to create a chord progression and add it to the project via drag-and-drop. You’ll see how to edit the MIDI so that it fits with the drum groove we’ve established and carries the track’s harmony properly.

There are plenty more concepts covered, including vocal ideas for a B section (created with GLAZE), adding a piano lead part, creating an authentic bassline including muted pops, slides, and humanization (with SCARBEE JAY-BASS), filling things out with an organ part (using VINTAGE ORGANS), lo-fi-sounding guitars with GUITAR RIG 7, adding brass parts (using SESSION HORNS PRO with keyswitches for authentic-sounding articulations, etc.), doubling the piano melody with a glockenspiel (from the KONTAKT library), and more!

You’ll have a blast learning how to build your own vintage-sounding samples with these ideas, and you’ll have even more fun applying the knowledge to your productions. Why go crate-digging when you can create your own sample library? Check out the individual Native Instrument video tutorial descriptions for more information about the NI course and ideas on how to make your own custom-made old-school sounding samples… Watch “Making Old School Samples with NI Plugins” today!

What You Will Learn:

  • -How to create a killer, authentic, vintage drum groove using ABBEY ROAD 60s DRUMMER and SESSSION PERCUSSIONIST
  • -Using PLAYBOX to create a chord progression and editing the MIDI part to match the drum groove
  • -Creating a grooving bassline, complete with authentic touches like muted pops, slides, and more with SCARBEE JAY-BASS
  • -Filling out the track with other important elements like piano lead melodies, organ riffs with variable Leslie speed, brass parts, strings, guitars, and even glockenspiel
  • -And much more!

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