Groove3 Logic Pro ChromaGlow Explained [TUTORIAL]

Got saturation? In this Logic Pro ChromaGlow video course, Logic Pro expert Larry Holcombe takes you on a tour of the ChromaGlow plug-in, a new saturation tool that can reshape your tracks in all the best ways. Whether you just want to add some subtle warmth, bold crunch, or anything in between, you’ll learn how to create sonic magic with this plug-in and give your productions the character and polish they need. These ChromaGlow videos are for new users.

Larry kicks things off with an overview of the interface, so you’ll know how everything’s laid out as we progress, along with a brief discussion on the topic of saturation in general and how it can often be a secret weapon in a mixer’s tool kit. Then you’ll learn about the various models and styles available in the plug (how they differ, what they excel at), and how to use each.

Next, Larry covers all of the additional parameters available for more detailed sound-sculpting, such as EQing the input and output, driving different specific frequency ranges, and so on. To finish the course, Larry shows you how to use ChromaGlow with a mix, improving the tone of drums, vocals, guitar, and bass.

If you’ve not messed around with saturation much, you’re missing out on a powerful mixing tool. This course is the quickest way to learn how to use ChromaGlow in a transformative fashion with your productions. You won’t believe how powerful this tool can be! Check out the individual ChromaGlow video tutorial descriptions for more information on how to use the plug in your own tracks. It’s time for your mixes to glow… Watch “Logic Pro ChromaGlow Explained┬«” today!

What You Will Learn:

  • Interface layout and general tips on using saturation
  • Using different Models and Styles to accomplish different sounds depending on source material
  • Adding punch, clarity, presence, and warmth to bring bland tracks to life
  • How to tweak additional parameters for more specific sounds, such as overdriving only certain frequency ranges, etc.
  • And more!

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