Grade 1 Music Theory: Suitable For Abrsm Exams [TUTORIAL]

This class looks into ABRSM grade 1 music theory questions and how to answer them using past papers, preparing you for either taking the exam yourself, or deepening you music theory knowledge.

Through the past paper, the questions will be broken down into both how the question should be answered, and what theory knowledge is required to do so.

The sections to the course are as follows:

  • Rhythm
  • Pitch
  • Keys and Scales
  • Intervals and Tonic Triads
  • Terms and Signs
  • Music in context

After each video, there are worksheets available to complete (in the resources section). Once you get to the end, follow the link to the ABRSM website where you can use the practice tools/questions available, and also complete a further online paper, or downloadable paper which I can mark if required. Same applies to any worksheets you wish for me to check!

If you have any questions after completing the past paper, or during the course, please do feel free to get in touch, as I am happy to help as much as I can. Also any feedback is appreciated. (keep your eyes out for grades 2-5 coming soon!)

I wish you all the best on your musical journey!

Download link