Godz Fury Timbaland Drum Kit WAV

Godz Fury Timbaland Drum Kit WAV

The TIMBALAND DRUM KIT was created by sampling hundreds records and processed by using analog and digital gear. The wav editor used to create this masterpiece drum kit was Sony Sound Forge. This drum kit was also created by using great skill and unmatched techniques. The process was slow but necessary to achieve this great sounding drum kit. You need to add the TIMBALAND DRUM KIT to your sound library. BUY IT NOW!


The Timbaland Drum Kit contains 60 Kicks, 60 Snares, 60 Hi Hats, 13 Open Hi Hats, 13 Claps, 20 Layered Claps, 10 Shakers, 7 Tambourines, 8 Rides, 5 Crashes, and 8 Rim Shots. That’s a total of 270 single hit drum samples.

What You Get:

  • 270 original one shot samples never heard before
  • Royalty free samples
  • Samples in standard .wav files
  • Recorded in 24 bit-48kHz
  • Gear used: Ensoniq ASR 10 which was the nucleus of the recording and sound processing process
  • 100% money back guarantee if not completely satisfied. No one can beat that on ebay. Simply send me a message and you will get your money back


All drum samples come in standard .wav file and are compatible with all official music software programs such as Pro Tools, Reason, Logic, Ableton, Native Instruments Maschine, FL Studio etc…

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