GhostHack London 2088 Cybersynth Soundscapes [WAV MIDI]

GhostHack London 2088 Cybersynth Soundscapes [WAV MIDI]

Release Echoes of the Megacity
What happens when you take sounds commonly used in Cyberpunk movies and music, and blend them with field recordings from all around London to make your own original music with? You’re about to find out! The London 2088 – Cybersynth Soundscapes collection features an incredible 6.01GB of high-quality professional samples, loops and MIDI files. Recordings from 6 distinct locations in the bustling greater London metropolitan area are presented alongside 5 unique construction kits containing both wet and dry stems, and MIDI files. Plus you get some fantastic, and really fascinating SFX as well!

In the melange of digital textures, analog synths, and lush field recordings, a toxic dust of distorted memories and lost hope clouds the air. Undeniable feelings of a dystopian future the likes of Blade Runner coarse through your veins. Detuned synths deliver a sense of hesitant instability, shifting granular pads and atmospheres hang in the air, field recording provide a specific environment full of activity and uncertainty. And the angelic vocals… and menacing authoritarian dialogue samples… their haunting presence sticks to you while saturation drips off of everything.

With the London 2088 – Cybersynth Soundscapes collection you’ll produce immersive, hypnotic, and downright intoxicating tracks worthy of a Hollywood movie soundtrack. Explore a not-so-distant future full of familiar, yet unsettlingly different details. An alternate reality steeped in dissonance and unending struggles. Creating an underscore for these imagined scenes playing out teleports your listeners to another time and space, where creature comforts are left behind and uncomfortable feelings are brought to the surface. And yet, there is an inherent beauty in the clash of tones, timbres and textures as they co-mingle and reflect our fears.

Take your fans on a cinematic journey and get lost. Do it all knowing that every sound in this huge collection is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. And be sure to check out more extraordinary sound packs that blur boundaries between music and cinematic soundscape, like the mind-blowing Dark Atmosphere Bundle and the ear-grabbing Dark Energy – Cinematic Textures pack.

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