Ghost Syndicate Ghost Garage [WAV MIDI Ableton Live Drum Rack]

Ghost Syndicate Ghost Garage [WAV MIDI Ableton Live Drum Rack]

Step into the ethereal world of GHOST by Ghost Syndicate, a captivating sample pack that weaves an enigmatic narrative in the realm of minimalistic 2-step & garage music.

Within GHOST, you will discover drum loops, top loops, bass loops, and synth loops, each bearing the spectral imprint of garage’s essence.

Delve deeper into the spectral saga with a treasury of one-shots, like fragments of a sonic ghost story yearning to be reassembled into new narratives.

Unlock hidden creativity with bonus MIDI files, walking you through new musical territories with versatile capabilities. To facilitate your onward journey, an exclusive Ableton Live drum rack is also within – instantly summon new rhythm-making abilities that defy the ordinary.

Embrace GHOST as your muse, and let its depth and power infuse your music with an otherworldly charm.


  • 18 Bass Loops
  • 14 Bass One-Shots
  • 29 Full Drum Loops
  • 12 Misc FX One-Shots
  • 3 Siren FX One-Shots
  • 5 Vox Chop One-Shots
  • 28 Closed Hat One-Shots
  • 21 Kick One-Shots
  • 15 Melodic Combi Loops
  • 17 Open Hat One-Shots
  • 9 Perc One-Shots
  • 13 Rim One-Shots
  • 10 Snare One-Shots
  • 21 Stripped Drum Loops
  • 26 Synth Loops
  • 22 Synth One-Shots
  • 29 Top Loops
  • 1 Bonus Ableton Live Drum Rack
  • 37 Bonus MIDI Files
    17 Bonus Drum FX Loops

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