Genuine Soundware EQuity

Genuine Soundware EQuity v1.0.1 [WIN]

EQuity is a six band visual equalizer with precise meterings, featuring a frequency analyzer and an IR-based preamp section. It was initially conceived as a simple EQ module to be incorporated in other audio products, then the visual EQ section and the spectrum analyzer were added. It represents an inexpensinve solution for DAWs and other audio environments where the use of a visual equalizer comes handy. The low CPU power requirement makes it perfect for being run in multiple instances on complex mixes.


  • 4 fully parametric bands with -24/+24 dB gain
  • First and last band can be either shelving or peak filters
  • High-pass input filter and Low-pass output filter
  • Bands can be heard in solo mode
  • Stereo input vu-meters with readout values
  • Stereo output vu-meters with readout values
  • Output phase meter
  • Switchable meter peak hold and release time
  • Preamp section based on IR from high-end analog gear
  • Resizable UI

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