Future Koncept Dark Ambient & 2Step WAV MIDI

Future Koncept Dark Ambient & 2Step WAV MIDI

Download a whopping 744MB of Dark Ambient & 2-Step Samples, featuring eerie Synths, haunting ambiences, ominous bass lines, lo-fi FX loops, warm ethereal pads, glowing textures and upbeat 2-step garage and Dubstep inspired beats

Coming to you deep from the underground, Future Koncept presents the ghostly sound of Dark Ambient & 2-Step. This mysterious collection of subterranean sounds & samples is ideal for productions that lurk on the darker side of bass music, with a solid emphasis on 2-step garage and dubstep rhythms.

Expertly crafted and produced by Ghostek, this shadowy figure has curated a huge library that mixes dark and twisted atmospheric sounds with warm and melancholic timbres, bound together by punchy drums and shuffling percussion.

Emotive synths, haunting ambiences, ominous bass lines and lo-fi FX loops are mixed with warm ethereal pads, glowing textures and upbeat garage beats. The drum loops are inspired by 2-step and dubstep rhythms and are littered with intricate foley sounds and percussion. Also included is a unique selection of the one shots that made up these complex loops.

Dark Ambient & 2-Step delivers a massive amount of audio content to wrap your ears around – over 744MB in total! And for added flexibility, we’ve also included a selection of MIDI files so you can see how the intricate drum loops and melodic synth/bass lines are made up, and twist and customise pitch, timing, rhythm and instrumentation yourself.

Ghostek’s exceptional production skills shine in glistening 24-bit audio quality, and as ever, all sounds come to you 100% royalty free. So head down underground and enter the eerie underworld of Dark Ambient & 2-Step!

Download contains:

  • 81 x Synth Loops
  • 62 x Bass Loops
  • 23 x Pads
  • 35 x MIDI Loops
  • 170 x Drum Loops
  • 142 x Drum One Shots
  • 128 – 136Bpm
  • 24Bit Audio Quality
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Demo Preview: