Freshly Squeezed Samples Mandy Jones House Vocals Vol_1 WAV

Freshly Squeezed Samples Mandy Jones House Vocals Vol.1 WAV

Produced in collaboration with pro female vocalist Mandy Jones and veteran sound designer Jan Hinke, Mandy Jones House Vocals features over 1,000 samples that include a diverse selection of memorable vocal hooks, sung phrases, melodic ad-libs, vocal chops, one-shots, spoken phrases, and monologues inspired by classic and modern house alike.

Build your own vocal loops and melodies with the diverse vocal chops, or create unique drop vocals with a large variety of hype shouts. Use the melodic ad-libs to add texture and atmospheres to your productions, or find that perfect hook for your instrumental track!

As a special bonus, additional vocal loops (120 and 124 BPM) have been included, along with the full demo acapella and accompanying samples.

We’ve included dry versions of everything (with EQ and compression) to give you maximum creative control, while also providing wet, pitched down, and fx processed versions that are usable “out of the box”. All samples have been professionally recorded, precision cut, expertly processed, intuitively organized, labeled for key and BPM, and come 100% club ready.

Please note: You may not use Mandy Jones’s name, image or likeness in your productions or related promotional materials without Freshly Squeezed Samples’ express written permission.


  • 588 one shots
  • 434 loops

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