Freaky Loops EDM Snares & Claps 2 WAV

Freaky Loops EDM Snares & Claps 2 WAV

“Freaky Loops” brings you “EDM Snares & Claps Vol 2” – featuring 315 snapping and head crushing stacked snares & claps.

One of the most important drum elements after the kick is the snare and clap that comes on top of the kick. They define the rhythmic core of most drum tracks. Choosing the right kick, clap and snare combo is the key to a steady and phat beat. If you’ve ever wondered how to get that massive snare sound, this pack could be the answer! Check out the demo track to hear what we have for you ..

This pack includes 315 fresh stacked claps & snare samples perfect for electro house and progressive house genres. From crisp and crunchy, to tight hard and dirty these phat snares will take your rhythm section to another dimension. This pack offers a diverse collection of layered claps, synthetic snares, processed machine claps and live claps, filthy lo-fi snare sounds, huge impacts, layered snare/clap ensembles and much more.. You can use these samples in as many ways as you desire.

“EDM Snares & Claps Vol 2” which features 140MB of raw material and includes 315 amazing, hard-hitting snares to inspire your productions! In detail, 30 Clap Layer Snares, 50 Dynamic Claps, 50 Dynamic Snares, 25 Impact Claps, 30 Impact Snares, 30 Live Recording Claps, 20 Live Recording Snares, 30 Short Impact Claps, 40 Short Impact Snares and 10 Fx Snares.

A Big variation of claps and snares that fits perfectly to any genre! Whether you are making Electro House, Progressive, Techno, Minimal or other forms of EDM – this pack could be a great starter point for new inspiration or for adding little bit punch to your track. Demo

Tech Specs:

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • WAV Format
  • 140MB


  • 30 Clap Layer Snares
  • 50 Dynamic Claps
  • 50 Dynamic Snares
  • 25 Impact Claps
  • 30 Impact Snares
  • 30 Live Recording Claps
  • 20 Live Recording Snares
  • 30 Short Impact Claps
  • 40 Short Impact Snares
  • 10 Fx Snares

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Demo Preview: