Field & Foley Medieval Essentials WAV

Immerse yourself back in time when knights, kings, and queens ruled atop high castles made of metal and stone and adorned in gold. In these days battles were fought hand to hand with rusty iron weapons and viscous bows and arrows flew through the air while prisoners of war were kept in dungeons awaiting their barbaric torture. This cruel medieval time in our history has been depicted in countless films, television shows, books and fairy tales and we finally have the sound fx to go with it.

Medieval Essentials is the only library of medieval sounds on Splice. Hollywood sound designers J.J. Farris and John Harvey created an unbelievable cinematic soundscape that transports you inside the sound fx studios of Game of Thrones, Gladiator, or Joan of Arc. This pack includes blacksmith’s crafting weaponry, sword clashes and slices, trebuchet combat, crossbow whooshes, torture devices, and even flutes and choirs as a backdrop to the ancient violence. These fx and foley are ideal for any film, tv, commercial, or social media content that tells as story from the medieval era. You can even get creative and slice these sounds into your next beat to really put a dagger into your listener. Have fun exploring this brutal world of sounds and one day you may become king.

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