Field & Foley Cityscapes: Mexico City WAV

Field & Foley Cityscapes: Mexico City WAV

Cityscapes – Mexico City is a revival of a series on Field and; Foley that documents unique and iconic soundscapes of cities around the world. For anyone who has traveled to Mexico City, you know how eclectic, exciting, loud, beautifully messy, and rich in culture and history the city is. Splice teamed up with local producer and sound artist Sergio Isauro, who was born and raised in Mexico City to capture sounds of his city that are individually singular to his hometown.

This pack is a fantastic collection of authentic high-quality audio recordings that transports you right to the heart of this vibrant city. The wide variety of sounds provides ample creative options for music producers, filmmakers, and sound designers who need a distinctive CDMX ingredient in their track. You can expect to find bustling markets, quiet suburban neighborhoods, the unmistakable tamale cart call, studio quality Jarana samples, metallic percussion, and designed sounds that will honor the spirits in the streets of this city and many more inspiring and easy to use sounds. Transport yourself to Mexico City and infuse the unmistakeable energy of the historic metropolis into your next track, film, foley, or ambient soundscape.

252 Samples

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