Excite Audio Bloom Drum Breaks v1.0.1 [WIN]

Bloom Drum Breaks fuses high-energy drum loops, fills and one-shots into a dynamic and playable instrument, made to infuse your tracks with rhythmic vitality and designed to provide for genres that thrive on rhythm.

What Can Drum Breaks Do?

  • Add rhythm to your tracks with powerful drum breaks
  • Manipulate and blend breaks for any genre
  • Sculpt unique top loops and percussive patterns
  • Create compelling drum sequences from kits and one-shots
  • Provide access to meticulously crafted recreations of classic breaks

Instantly find the perfect drum break for your tracks. With Bloom Drum Breaks, switch between authentic royalty-free loops to concoct distinctive rhythms, amplify their impact with extensive modulation, and shape them with a suite of drum-focused effect processors.

Whether you’re looking to add the pulsating grooves of drum and bass, the intricate intensity of breakcore, or the laid-back beats of hip-hop, this tool offers a gateway to crafting beats with unprecedented ease and versatility.

Selecting the perfect drum break for your project is now an intuitive, and enjoyable experience, offering seamless keyboard control for triggering and tweaking sounds. Four macro controls deliver immediate effects processing, while the Edit page unlocks comprehensive customisation, featuring precise control over sample editing, beat manipulation, and effects across 250 presets.


  • 14 Sample Keys
  • 5 Factory Modifiers: Half-time, Double-Time, Reverse, Octave Down, Octave Up
  • 5 Custom Modifiers
  • 8 Sample Banks / 112 Drum Phrases
  • Samples Synced to Host BPM
  • Key Selection
  • Sample Randomise
  • 4 Macros: Digital, Lo-Fi, Slap Verb, Phaser
  • 5 Main FX Parameters: Saturation, Dynamics, Noise, Lo-Cut, Hi-Cut
  • Global Bypass
  • 250 Presets

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