Ergo Kukke Cy-FX [KONTAKT]

A new era of FX has arrived. Cy-FX.

Unlock the sonic frontier with our cutting-edge FX Kontakt library, created to combat stagnated FX libraries and add spice to your next project.

Inspired by visions for the future, cybernetics, robotics, machinery and futuristic gadgets, Cy-FX works for sound designers and music producers alike. You will get value and uniqueness.

Cy-FX comes with 810 sounds in 17 categories. For creativity, 17 single snapshots and 25 main snapshots will make your music/sound stand out. The main snapshots include drum kits, atmospheric sounds, robotics, gadgets etc.

“FX and surprises are what keeps your music interesting – much needed in a world of shortened attention spans” Ergo Kukke

Cy-FX, your new companion for the future.

  • 810 sounds in 32bit/48kHz WAV
  • 1.31 GB library
  • 8Bit & Game, Alarm & Timer, Creatures & Critters, Data, Device, Downer, Futuristic, FX, Glitch, Hits & Bursts, HUD, Riser, Robotics, Scared, Vehicle & Engine and two extra bonus FX folders
  • Access to WAV files for convenient use and freedom
  • Works with Kontakt 7.5.0+

Download link