Engineering Samples Tempest

Engineering Samples Tempest WAV

Fasten your seatbelts for our newest release called „TEMPEST“. Featuring the sound of hard and driving Techno this library will provide you with some tremendous sounddesign from relentless Drum Loops, hypnotizing Arpeggios, distorted Synth Loops, aggressive Stabs, sombre Vocal Loops, grungy FX and hard-hitting one shot Drums.

Inspired by Artists such as Amelie Lens, Fjaak, Adam Beyer and more „TEMPEST“ got the right tools for your next production. All 200 Wav files are key and tempo-labeled at 136 – 137 bpm and exist in a Dry & Wet Version and with or without Sidechain Compression.


  •  200 Wav Files in Total
  •  20 Drum Loops (Full, Low ,Stripped, Top)
  •  10 Synth Loops (Dry/Wet)
  •  10 Arpeggios (Dry/Wet)
  •  10 Stab Loops (Dry/Wet)
  •  10 Vocals (Dry/Wet)
  •  20 FX
  •  20 One Shot Drums (Kick, Perc, Hihat, Clap, Snare)
  •  136 – 137 Bpm
  •  44,1 kHz / 24 Bit

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