Ellis Lost Trap Vs West Coast [WAV MIDI FST]

With the outcome of so many sound kits within the past couple years, I thought to myself, how do I stand out?After heavy discussion with Iiinfinite, we came up with a thought around the terms of how nobody has combined genres in a single sound kit.

With that being said, this kit is a combination of both the smooth West Coast sound and the hard new Trap wave put togetherBut…

Here’s what to expect:

Kit #1The One Shot Saviour
Being an essential to most melodic kits, the 160 one shots which come in here are something to look out for. From basses out of real hardware synths to real flute recordings, this section is a great start when it comes to making fire melodies.

Kit #2The Accent Attacker
Feel like your melodies are fire, but not quite there yet? Well look no further. The accent section in this kit is built to bring your melodies from 80% finished, to 100%! The 137 accents found in here will not dissapoint.

Kit #3The Phrase Protector
Being one of my personal favourites, the phrase section of the kit is built to make your melodies sound industry ready in seconds! The 98 phrases found in here are processed through real hardware pedals to give a unique sound to make your melodies stand out. Throw a few of these into your melodies and watch greatness form in seconds.

Kit #4The Vocal Vaporiser
Not only is the kit created through hardware synths, pedals and real instruments, but also industry ready vocals! The same person who’s vocals have been used an approved by multiple industry producers, we brought in Daniel (@danielsaintmusic) to give you the best of the best 60 vocal phrases.

Kit #5The Texture Targeter
Need an extra bit of ambience to fill in the gaps in your melodies? Well you’d be in luck when it comes to the texture section! Ran through pedals to give a real soundscape, these 28 long textures are built to add some depth to your melodies.

Kit #6The Sample Seeker
Not a melody person, or need some quick inspiration? The 40 bonus samples in this kit are used to create industry hits quickly. With Ellis and Iiinfinite’s melodies being used by people such as Southside, Ronny J, Timbaland and more, it’s a great section to base your melodies around.

Kit #7The Beat Builders
Built to speed up your workflow, this section of 40 beat builders are used to quickly spice up your drum game! You can easily throw these into any trap / west coast beat to make it authentic

Kit #8The Drum Midi Masher
In similarity to the beat builders, these 40 drum midis can be used to accelerate your drum workflow! Not only can you throw them into any drum pattern, but they’re easily customisable too. Making a unique beat couldn’t be any easier

Kit #9The Drum Kit Kombo
My personal favourite from the drum section. The 2 drum kits adding up to 200 sounds are not only essential sounds when creating beats in both genres, but also unqiue, unheard sounds too! All sounds were created and manipulated through vst’s like serum from simple periodic waves to masterpieces.

Kit #10The Percussion Loop Launcher
Need that extra push to your drums to make them stand out? Well here’s where you can find that. The 20 bonus percussion loops are used to add some extra rhythm to the beat, creating a new bounce to even the simplest of beats!

Kit #11The Mixer Preset Player
If you didn’t think all of that is enough, we attached 10 extra mixer presets also! This includes my master preset (of which I get asked about on a daily basis), and several other presets we use consistently when making beats to make certain aspects stand out when it comes to the mixing side.

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