Elevated Trance Trance Nebula Vol.2 WAV MIDI PRESETS

Elevated Trance Trance Nebula Vol.2 WAV MIDI PRESETS

Each kit contains 3 folders Drums (Wav 24-Bit), MIDI & Presets plus the mixdown demo for that kit, the drums folder consists of a Kick Compressed & Not Compressed and several Percussion Loops belonging to that kit, the MIDI & Presets folders contain all the MIDI & Preset files needed to recreate that kits sound heard in the kits mixdown demo, these songstarter kits will get you going on your next tracks journey or could be a great addition for your current projects.

What’s In The Pack:

  • 10 x Trance Mini Construction Kit Songstarters.
  • All Drum Wav Files 24-Bit.
  • MIDI Files For Each Kit.
  • Spire, Zebra 2, Serum & Sylenth Presets.
  • Drum Kick Compressed/Uncompressed Versions For Each Kit.
  • Several Percussion Variation Wav Loops.
  • Demo Mix Down Of Each Kit.
  • BPM 138 & Key Info Labelled On Each Kit Folder.
  • Professionally Produced.
  • 100% Royalty-Free.

Product Statistics:

  • 144 x Total Kit Files.
  • 78 x Total Wav Files (24-Bit) Consisting Of:-
  • 20 x Kick Wav Loops (10 Compressed & 10 Uncompressed).
  • 48 x Percussion Wav Loops.
  • 10 x Mixdown Wav Demos.
  • 33 x MIDI Files.
  • 22 x Spire Presets.
  • 2 x Serum Presets.
  • 7 x Sylenth Presets.
  • 2 x Zebra 2 Presets
  • 205MB Zipped. | 318MB Unzipped.

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Demo Preview: