Edm Templates Apocalypse [WAV Ableton]

Edm Templates Apocalypse [WAV Ableton]

Introducing APOCALYPSE, our brand new Tear-Out & Hybrid Trap Sample Pack – Your Gateway to Unleashed Sonic Power!

Dive into 851 High-quality, Key-labeled .WAV Samples! Inspired by artists such as Eugene, Effin & TRVCY, these samples have been expertly curated to cater to every facet of your production needs.

Bass One Shots & Loops
Transform your basslines with 402 uniquely crafted bass one shots and 24 bass loops that deliver earth-shattering impact. Each sample is finely tuned, ensuring your sonic arsenal is armed with unparalleled intensity.

Forge a solid rhythmic foundation with 53 Meticulously Key-labeled Kicks, 150 Snares, 50 Claps, 69 Rides and 79 Hi-hats that cut through the mix. These drum samples are your secret weapon to crafting the hard-hitting drums that define tearout and hybrid trap!

Drum Loops
Infuse tracks with pulsating energy and rhythm without swing and groove headaches. Our 24 pre-made drum loops elevate sonic experiences; no drum programming required.
Ableton Project Files & EDMT Ultimate Rack:
Embark confidently with two Ableton Live projects (Demo Track) and our Ultimate Bass Enhancer ableton rack!!


  • Any DAW, free plugins: (CamelCrusher, GClip)
  • Ableton Live 11.3.4 (for project files)
  • Unleash the Raw Power of APOCALYPSE
  • Elevate production, tap uncharted creativity, electrify tracks with sheer force
  • Dominate the sonic landscape – grasp the APOCALYPSE today

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