Ear Training Course For Musicians [TUTORIAL]

Ear Training Course For Musicians [TUTORIAL]

Ear Training Music Lesson

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn to How develop Basic Ear Training
  • Learn how to hear intervals
  • Learn daily ear training exercise to build your musical ear
  • Learn how to pick the key of any singer Ear Training


  • Beginner
  • Little or No knowledge of keyboard skills

Ear training course for all music levels this will help with picking notes pitches in any given key or tonic center In this course I’ll be sharing various exercises tested and trusted that will help build and train your ear muscles to recognize pitches in diatonic scales I e major scales and also the accidentals within a given key This course will help you with relative pitch which is being able to recognize pitches by ear in a given key This is a compulsory course for every musician as we are in the era of playing music by ear and that can’t be achieved except the ear has been adequately trained for that Join me on this journey as I begin to teach you step by step how to recognize notes How to train to recognize intervals How to recognize notes within a chord How to sing your major scale notes correctly How to recognize a singers key and lots more in this Ear Training CourseIn the ear that we are now you can’t afford not to have good ears as a musicianIt’s just like a pre requisite and in some organizations before you are accepted you might be tested for Ear training on major notes, accidentals and so on just to be sure you can fit into the band and be relevant with them also You get everything you need to learn about ear training in this course


Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1 Introduction
  • Lecture 2 Next Lesson

Section 2: Assessment

  • Lecture 3 How to find a singers key
  • Lecture 4 How to practice the Exercises in the Course
  • Lecture 5 How to train your ears for Intervals
  • Lecture 6 Practical How to Find a singers key

This course is meant for people who are struggling to pick accurate music notes,This course is meant for people who struggle to pick singers key,This course is meant for people who want to be able to recognize any pitch in a given Tonic Center (Key),This course is meant for musicians at all levels having issues with Ear Training

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