Duce Therarada Sample Making Essentials Bundle (Multi Kit) [MULTIFORMAT]

Duce Therarada Sample Making Essentials Bundle (Multi Kit) [MULTIFORMAT]

The sample making essentials bundle is designed to provide you with all the necessary tools to create high-quality samples for your music production. It includes a variety of components that will assist you in crafting unique and professional-sounding samples.

The bundle contains:

  • Personal Drumkit
  • Personal One-Shot kit
  • Omnisphere bank
  • 35 Starter sample phrases
  • 24 Guitar Phrases
  • 32 Woodwind phrases (flute, bagpipe)
  • 30 Percussion loops
  • Accents
  • 30 Textures
  • 11 Presets
  • 21 MIDIs (melody, 808s, snare, hi hat MIDIs)

Overall, the sample making essentials bundle provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to enhance your sample making process. From the one-shot kit to the live instrument phrases, presets, MIDIs, percussion loops,

Here’s an explanation of the components mentioned inside the bundle:

1. Drumkit: My personal drumkit consists of individual drum sounds, such as kicks, snares, hi-hats, 808s, claps and MIDIs (hi-hat, 808s, snares MIDIs). These samples can be used to create drum patterns and rhythms in your music.
2. One-shot kit: Similar to a drumkit, a one-shot kit includes individual sounds, but they are not necessarily limited to drums. It can contain various one-shot samples like bass hits, synth stabs, vocal chops, and more. These samples are typically used to add unique elements to your tracks.
3. Live instrument phrases: This refers to recorded performances of real instruments, such as bagpipes and hulusi flutes. These phrases are usually short musical sequences or melodies that can be used as standalone elements or incorporated into your compositions.
4. Starter sample phrases: These are unconventional or unique vocal or instrumental phrases that add a distinct flavor to your music. They can be used to create experimental or avant-garde sounds, adding an element of surprise or intrigue to your compositions.
5. Percussion loops: Percussion loops are pre-recorded rhythmic patterns made up of various percussion instruments. These loops can be used as a foundation for your tracks or to add additional layers of rhythm and groove. Or to make mysterious bouncy textures.
6. MIDIs: MIDI files contain musical data that can be used to control virtual instruments or hardware synthesizers. They typically include note and timing information, allowing you to easily manipulate and customize the melodies, chords, and other musical elements.
7. Presets: The Presets are pre-configured settings for various virtual instruments and effects. With these presets, you can quickly and easily achieve specific sounds without having to spend excessive time tweaking parameters. This feature will save you valuable time during the sample making process, allowing you to focus more on your creativity.
8 Omnisphere Bank: A collection of patches for Spectrasonics’ Omnisphere, a software synthesizer plugin. These patches, or sounds, can be used to create music in a variety of genres. The bank includes a variety of vintage dark sounds such as bells, keys, strings, basses, arps and more, each of which can be further customized within the software. Great for speeding up your sample making process.

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