Drumdrops Shoegaze WAV

Drumdrops Shoegaze WAV

Shoegaze is a collection of drum loops and tracks inspired by the Shoegaze pioneers of the 90s. Expect trashy, crunchy, noisy beats that’ll fit in perfectly with swirling loud guitars and grungy vocals, all influenced and inspired by the giants of the genre, including My Bloody Valentine, The Breeders, Loop, Andy Bell and Adelaida.

For this album we set up in London’s The Pool studio. Its high ceiling and signature concrete floor lent itself perfectly to a powerful and roomey drum sound. We used the studio’s 1970s Slingerland kit with Radioking snare, mic’ed up with The Pool’s incredible esoteric mic collection, all running through the vintage Neve console. Overheads were crunched with a Thermionic Culture Vulture distortion unit, and the mono room mic was smashed through the Pool’s amazing vintage Gates compressor. Our drummer was the incredible James Pinfield-Wells, with engineering and production from Jim & Rob Homes of Empire Sound fame.

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