Dirty Witches & Dark Magic Psytrance Presets for Serum [WAV FXP]

Dirty Witches & Dark Magic Psytrance Presets for Serum [WAV FXP]

Do you think you have enough FX presets for Serum? This pack will make you rethink your whole production! As a Psytrance producer, this pack will elevate your production. Once you hear this outstanding selection of Psytrance FX, you will be bewitched.

– You can use this pack to build unique grid sounds.
– To spice up your track with individual sounds.
– Create background ambiances.
– Or to deconstruct those sounds and become a master of creating unique personal sound

We mapped all the presets to macro knobs for easier control. Adjust them to the style of your track, and make them sound as you want them! Additionally, the presets are bounced

No voodoo, it is the most blessed and cursed collection of witches, and magical forest sounds on the planet.

– 31 presets, so damn cheap it must be cursed

– macros assigned for maximum control, you will fly high

– learn to create your own patches by deconstructing them; once you are witched, you never (s)witch back.

– No cats died in the process, maybe one for the magic potion.
– Bonus: >150 bounced audio samples made from this pack for direct use

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