Cycles & Spots Uncanny Rhythm WAV

Cycles & Spots Uncanny Rhythm WAV

C&S formed 201 long Wav loops for experimental music productions. Included are rather unusual beats and percussion plus odd synthetic sound structures.

These still can be applied to rhythmic dancable music productions and further for Ambient as well. The loops are made via modular synthesis and range up to 16 beats to capture all the modulations.

As well you can also find some rather odd beat lengths to make things even more interesting.

Naturally you can change these in your DAW if you wish to. Use the tool loops either for starting projects or to fill up already started ones.

Pack Contents:

  • 18 Atmo
  • 33 Beat
  • 100 Perc
  • 50 Synth

Total Number Of Files:

  • 201
  • 1.1 GB

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