Cycles & Spots Percussive Synth Shots WAV

Cycles & Spots Percussive Synth Shots WAV

Cycles & Spots crafted 820 synthesized one shot samples organized in 9 sets with different characteristics.

Each set features many variations of that same synth project, morphed to extreme different versions, some tonal and others atonal.

There are many scenarios of usage for these samples. If you just randomly trigger the content of each kit you’ll get interesting rhythms out of this.

Another way is to choose specific samples for more steady rhythms, the more you use the more you can get into glitch territory.

As all samples are key-labeled it’s also possible to create musical constructions from this pack.

Or you flip this around and use only atonal samples for only percussive sequences.

Pack Contents:

  • 820 One Shot Synth Samples

Total Number Of Files:

  • 820
  • 146.8 MB

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