Cycles & Spots 80s Pop 5 [WAV MIDI]

Cycles & Spots 80s Pop 5 [WAV MIDI]

Cycles & Spots´ 80s Pop series is back with 15 more righteous themes featuring chord, bass, melody and beat loops. The latter come as mixdowns and as seperate parts (Kick, snare, hihat etc.) and all harmonies are provided as MIDI files as well.

This time all harmonies are in the same key, allowing you to mash up all melodies, basses and chord progressions from different themes. All sounds can be switched to be coming from your favourite synth via the MIDI files. These themes can be the basis not only for retro songs but modern pieces as well as good harmonies never will be old.

Product Details:

  •  15 Themes (WAV + MIDI)
  •  Key-Labeled (All Cm)
  •  500 MB

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Demo Preview: