Cryptic Sounds Booster Pack 003 WAV

Cryptic Sounds Booster Pack 003 WAV

the third edition of cryptic’s booster packs features 30 drum- & percussion loops.

filled with earcandy sounds, unorthodox bounces and unique soundselection – instant bounce guaranteed!

each edition will feature different types of sounds (one-shots, samples, presets, percussion-loops, etc) so you can extend your library with new sounds from another dimension every two weeks! a new booster pack will be released on the 1st and 15th of each month.

every edition will be available until the next one drops so make sure to get every edition before it’s not available anymore.

collect all booster packs overtime to unlock a special surprise.. (10 editions in total)

the drumloops + percussion loops are 100% royalty free! this means you could use them for your own songs, beats, placements, etc without paying me any extra fees or shares. however if you used them and it makes up a big part of the production i’d ask to give me proper co-production credit. these loops took a lot of creativity and love to make so please respect the art.

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