Cryptic Fluorescent Multi-Kit WAV

Cryptic Fluorescent Multi-Kit WAV

a multi-color sonic palette featuring drumsounds from another dimension, custom made one-shots, immersive earcandy noises, textures and phrases, psychoacoustic binaural recordings, and much more, delivering mind-bending assets for your productions.

with over 250+ wav files in total, this kit gives you a brand new perspective on how you will perceive sound. explore new creative ideas, make your drums come to life, and break the boundaries of your music creations.

fluorescent is split into two collections of sounds:


  • 42 bass + kicks + toms – 37 claps + rimshots + snares
  • 27 hi-hats + open-hats + shaker – 34 percussion one-shots
  • 15 drumloops


  • 32 earcandy sounds – 21 fx – 7 percussion loops
  • 35 one-shots – 19 textures – 10 vox
  • 10 modular starters – 5 samples*

each sound was created using analog synthesizers (moog matriarch, moog one 16, prophet 10, juno-60, dx7), digital soundsources, analog guitar pedals (chase bliss mood mkii, microcosm, strymon nightsky, ua fx pedals, rainbow machine, fairfield circuitry shallow water and more) – mixed to perfection on ATC-50 ASL with custom sub + transformers to ensure the highest quality possible; incorporating those sounds into your productions will push your inspiration to higher wave lengths, like fluorescent substances.

compatible with every DAW (fl studio, ableton, logic, etc)

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