Codex Music Library: Empathy (Compositions) [WAV]

Codex Music Library: Empathy (Compositions) [WAV]

Codex Music Library presents: “Empathy”. 10 Original, High Quality Compositions written, performed and recorded by NoH2O. This pack focuses on melancholic, modern RnB grooves and experimental sound design which has been crafted to push the genre into uncharted territory. These compositions are formatted as short song ideas which serve as a starting point for creativity or the foundation of new musical ideas. Made from scratch, tested for chop-ability.

All sample are labeled with Key/BPM.

Gear used: Ableton Live, FL Studio, Fender Precision Bass, Fender Stratocaster, Sequential Prophet Rev2, Arturia Microfreak and Various Percussion.

Master Clearance Guaranteed.

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