Chromatic Wave Omnitag [Omnisphere]

Chromatic Wave Omnitag [Omnisphere]

Organize Your Third Party Omnisphere Libraries With a Single Click.

OmniTag Automatically Conforms Third Party Library Tags To Match Spectrasonics’ Standards

Omnisphere Patch Browser – Before

Every developer has their own convention for Categories, Types and Keywords – which means that nice library you just bought can easily get buried in Omnisphere’s Patch Browser. You may even forget you bought it.

Automatic scanning and detection. Birds-eye view of any problem areas.

OmniTag automatically detects which third party libraries don’t match the Spectrasonics’ factory tags in your installation. Each library is listed with a percentage indicating how closely it conforms to your factory tags.

Simple one-click conform process. No worries.

You can conform one library at-a-time, or clean them all up at once. Never again will you need to correct patches one-at-a-time inside Omnisphere’s Patch Browser. OmniTag does all the work for you – in a matter of seconds.

Risk-free cleanup. Backups are standard.

OmniTag always takes a backup snapshot of a library before making changes to your STEAM folder. So you can clean up to your heart’s content without worrying. You can always return to a previous version by restoring a backup.

Bonus library included. Our way of saying ‘thanks’.

OmniTag is priced about the same as most soundsets. So, for the price of a soundset, you get a clean installation and… well, another soundset. 65 patches to be exact – from composer and sound designer Guy Rowland. Check out the demo tracks to get an idea of the sounds that are included.

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