Capsun ProAudio ARCADIA Analog Utopia WAV

Capsun ProAudio ARCADIA Analog Utopia WAV

Introducing “Arcadia – Analog Utopia,” the latest offering from Capsun ProAudio. Dive into a world of sonic innovation and analog brilliance, inspired by the synth-heavy, trap soundscapes of Travis Scott and the masterful production of Mike Dean and their contemporaries. This meticulously curated sample pack pushes the boundaries of creativity, setting the stage for you to craft genre-defining music.

Inside “Arcadia – Analog Utopia,” you’ll discover a treasure trove of sounds meticulously designed to capture the essence of this legendary style.

Immerse yourself in a world of captivating synth melodies that transport you to the heart of the analog trap sound. Infuse your tracks with the gritty, unmistakable sound of trap guitars, adding depth, character, and a rock-inspired edge to your beats.

Craft hauntingly beautiful melodies with our selection of bells and plucks, providing the perfect canvas for creating unforgettable hooks and feel the ground-shaking power of our meticulously crafted 808 bass, designed to bring that signature trap weight to your music.

The synth bass samples we have included are precision-engineered to give your music that distinctive Mike Dean feel while immersive, atmospheric soundscapes and dreamy pad sounds, add depth and emotion.

We have again included a brand new custom-designed drum kit. Packed with punchy kicks, crisp snares, and diverse percussion elements that define the sound, this kit has got you covered.

260 Samples

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