C.A. Sound Inc Car Destruction WAV

Junkyard Car Smashed. Windows, doors, lights dash, great tearing of safety glass. Maybe should have ended up in gore, sweet and gross. Good glass shatter explosion.

I purchased a car in a junkyard and we went to town smashing it up. There are metal hits and glass hits as well. There are some great safety glass explosions as well as glass debris flying around inside the car. I smashed a bunch of the engine with a sledge hammer as well as dragging metal over engine parts. One of the best sounds is grinding and tearing the windshield. As safety glass is often covered with a thin film of plastic, it made the best sharp crackly flesh peeling sound ever. Perfect for adding destruction details.

  • Categories: Car Sound Effects, Destruction & Impact Sounds
  • Type: Destruction sound effects / recordings
  • Specs: 131+ sounds • 377 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz
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