Boom Bap Labs Amen One Shot Weaponry WAV

Boom Bap Labs Amen One Shot Weaponry WAV

Back with another batch of killer one-shots. These meticulously selected and chopped parts are all hand selected to bring the heat to your next Boom Bap productions. It contains 725 one-shots from bass, drums, breaks, strings, stabs, vocals, sound effects and more.

This pack will be among your favorite secret weapon. The replayability value is almost limitless as each shots can be used as is or layered to create your own sounds. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these. Add reverbs, delays, filters and all types of effects to build your own signature sounds.

Without a doubt one-shot weaponry is our next big favorite pack at Boom Bap Labs and it’s sure to be yours too. All sounds are in universal WAV files at 44.1 sample rate and 16 bits resolution. All curated and chopped by Amen From Hellzwind.

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