Big EDM Future Vocals [WAV MIDI FXP]

Big EDM has been releasing some amazing content over these last few months. And yet, we still have more content to deliver, as always. We love to give producers, beginner and professional, as many recourses, like presets, drum samples, drum loops melody loops etc., as we possibly can. However, we did something huge this time around. We brought you one of the most amazing and quality vocal packs on the sample pack market.

Bringing you Big EDM – Future Vocals, a perfect example of a quality vocal pack. This pack brings you 5 full-length Construction Kits that are packed with contents like; the FULL Kit MIX to show you the idea and how the vocals were used in a track, DRY and WET versions of each vocal to allow you to use the effected version we created OR use you own effect racks as well as the Background, Lead and Complete vocal stems, a document including the lyrics, the presets used in the Kit as well as the MIDI provided for each instrumental element in the Kit. The MIDI in the Kits are only for the Instruments, not for the vocals.

We also only included the Vocals in WAV files and not the instruments, so you can make the Kit sound 100% organic!

The Kits provided in this amazing vocal pack are in a variety of different tempos ranging from 150 – 160 BPM. We did this because the vocals fit over the Future Pop / Future Bass genres, so the Kits are pushed in the tempos of those genres. The Kits also range in a variety of different keys such as; B Minor, D Major, D# Minor, D Minor and C# Minor. This is simply done to add change and diversity in the vocals and Kits and so you as the producer can possibly find a set of vocals that fits your tracks key.

Big EDM – Future Vocals is the pack for you if you are one of the many producers in the world sitting at a project and thinking you need a great set of vocals to amp the track up. With this pack, you will have a supply of amazingly high quality vocals to choose from that will bring an amazing and tasteful atmosphere to you next project.

We hope you enjoy and can’t wait to see what you all are capable of!

  •  5 Full-Lentgh Vocal Construction Kits
  •  DRY and WET Vocal Stems
  •  Background, Lead and Complete Vocal Stems
  •  Presets
  •  MIDI Files for the Kits Instruments
  •  156 Files in Total
  •  100% Royalty Free

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Demo Preview:

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