BFractal Music Lo-Fi Purrp WAV MIDI

BFractal Music Lo-Fi Purrp WAV MIDI

BFractal Music and Ende present Lo-Fi Purrp – a dreamy fusion of laid-back vibes and sensual RnB grooves.

Unveil the soulful essence of Lo-Fi Purrp, a captivating sample pack that seamlessly blends the mesmerising tranquility of lo-fi aesthetics with the sultry allure of RnB rhythms. Immerse yourself in a world of mellow melodies, velvety harmonies, and timeless beats, all designed to elevate your music production to new heights.

These carefully crafted loops are drenched in warm, analogue textures, perfect for setting the mood in your productions. Achieve the perfect balance between groove and serenity. Create immersive sonic landscapes with a collection of vintage keys and synths. These elements provide the perfect backdrop for your tracks, taking your listeners on a sonic journey.

Inspired by great artists like Altair Blake, Sátyr, NKOHA, Chill Children, NOGYMX, Lesky, Kokoro, Peak Twilight, LoFi Waiter, and more.

  • 997 MB
  • 75 Instrument Loops
  • 76 Drum Loops
  • 102 Drum One-Shots
  • 21 Sound Effects
  • 65 MIDI Files

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