BFA First Call Horns v2.0 KONTAKT

BFA First Call Horns v2.0 KONTAKT

Big Fish Audio is delighted to introduce the latest, enhanced update of First Call Horns, your ultimate go-to resource for a cutting-edge virtual horn instrument. With this revamped library, you can now break free from the confines of traditional orchestral brass when seeking the perfect horn sounds. The void has finally been filled with a diverse range of musical genres, including Pop, Latin, Jazz, Big Band, and Rock ‘n’ Roll, all brimming with an unparalleled level of sound quality and meticulously crafted programming.

Within this comprehensive collection, you will discover all of the classic First Call Horns sounds, each paired with a contemporary interface, designed to cater to the demands of modern musicians. What’s more, this update introduces a host of additional effects that elevate these sounds to heights never before attainable.

Included in this extensive library are meticulously sampled trumpets, complete with optional mutes, alongside soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones. Trombones are also featured, replete with optional mutes, alongside the distinctive flugelhorn and the evocative French Horn. These instruments are thoughtfully presented in both solo and section contexts, allowing you to explore a spectrum of sonic possibilities. To fuel your creative fire, we’ve even thrown in a wealth of riffs, dynamic combinations, and tasteful improvisations.

Included Instruments


  1. Alto Sax
  2. Baritone Sax
  3. Flugelhorn
  4. French Horn
  5. Piccolo Trumpet
  6. Soprano Sax
  7. Tenor Sax
  8. Trombone

Trumpet (with cup, harmon, and straight mutes)


  1. Alto Sax
  2. Baritone Sax
  3. Flugelhorn
  4. Piccolo Trumpet
  5. Tenor Sax
  6. Trombone
  7. Trumpet

Works with NI Kontakt Player v7.7.0 and higher!

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