Boundaries is a sample pack created by producer Bald Carla. This pack contains a rich collection of vintage sounds and compositions that will take your breath away and bring a unique atmosphere to any musical project. Inside Boundaries you’ll find a wide range of sounds, from classic retro pianos to deliberately distorted guitar riffs.

Each element of this sample pack features exceptional recording quality that captures the warmth and character of vintage gear and instruments. The tracks included in Boundaries will inspire you to create unique music tracks. Melodic lines filled with soul and depth will allow you to feel a real emotional connection in your music.

Each element within this sample pack is able to evoke a feeling of nostalgia while remaining modern and relevant at the same time. Boundaries is the perfect choice for any music producers who want to add vintage charm and authenticity to their tracks. This sample pack is imbued with the energy of the past, which merges with modern technology and takes your creativity to the next level.

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