Arturia Augmented YANGTZE v1.0 STANDALONE VST AU AAX [WIN & macOS]

Augmented YANGTZE is a software instrument that unites the unique essence of traditional Chinese instruments with the raw power of synthesis. Discover a spectrum of Chinese musical motifs and modern textures brought to life with experimental processing.

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Traditional transformed

An exploration of China’s rich musical heritage, seamlessly woven into the fabric of modern sound design.

Augmented YANGTZE blends meticulous sampling with innovative multilayered synthesis for a sound that transcends traditional musical boundaries. From the rich, earthy tones of the bass Dizi and Xiao to the sparkling overtones of the Yangqin and Erhu to the soulful plucked strings of the Pipa and Guqin – each timbre is presented with unparalleled clarity and depth. Whether you’re a composer, producer or sound designer, dive into a wellspring of expressive, textural soundscapes.

Bowed, plucked and more

Augmented YANGTZE offers a rich and uniquely textured palette of sounds from China’s most well-known traditional instruments. Explore 200 presets and discover breathtaking soundscapes with the Bass Dizi & Xiao, Pipa, Guqin, Yangqin and Erhu.

Layer your own sound

Build your own ensemble with Augmented YANGTZE’s multi-engine flexibility. Experiment with 2 layers, each containing 2 sound sources, and weave your own custom combination of sampling and synthesis for a convergence of acoustic textures and professional grade effects.

Authentic to abstract

Immersive, warped, traditional, transcendent and everything in between. 6 instruments, 38 articulations, 30 processed & multisample articulations, 4 types of synthesis, 2 sampler engines and built-in FX – explore a near-limitless spectrum of composition-ready textures and timbres.

Morphing power

Augmented YANGTZE’s library is designed to be morphed, giving you a truly unique & ever-evolving sound at the turn of a wheel. Augment music tradition into otherworldly sonic rendition, for a contemporary take on classic instruments.

Transform sound instantly

Enhance your sound with intuitive modulation using a streamlined set of macro controls and insert effects. Adjust your parameters with ease for both subtle changes and dramatic transformations – from cutoff color to call-and-response delay.

Deeper customization

Quickly select, morph and adjust a dynamic hybrid sound from the main instrument view, or dig deeper in the advanced panel for access to intricate modulation, arpeggiation, custom sound sources, and more.

Confluence of sound

Morph to discover a unity of opposites – between natural and artificial

On one side, a library of enhanced organic sounds. On the other, 4 ultra-powerful synth engines – Augmented YANGTZE invites ou to dance between the two to discover totally unique and evocative composition textures.


Recorded with precision, Augmented YANGTZE’s sample library embodies the unique spirit of its source, enabling deeply evocative compositions – whether you seek a dynamic textural melody of a lone Erhu or the intricate rhythms of a Guqin or Pipa.


Powered by 4 synth engines including Virtual Analog, Granular, Wavetable, Harmonic, and the Simpler engine – discover evolving ambiences, experimental processing and dynamic after-effects designed to blend and converge with Augmented YANGTZE’s evocative sample library.

Simple and intuitive

Leap into creativity with Augmented YANGTZE’s user-friendly interface.

Designed for swift navigation, discover an instrument that facilitates immediate sound sculpting without sacrificing depth. Harness the vast library of presets and accessible controls to realize your vision quickly and efficiently, whether shaping a vivid Pipa solo or orchestrating a complex, layered soundscape.

Advanced sound design

Push the boundaries of what’s possible with Augmented YANGTZE’s Advanced panel – to rearrange, modulate, and arpeggiate your hybrid ensemble.

Augmented YANGTZE’s intuitive interface and diverse preset library brings quick results when you need them – but further sound customisation is just a click away. The Advanced panel takes you deep into the inner workings of the instrument, giving you detailed control over your sound sources, modulation, performance, and beyond.

Capturing Magic

We knew that in order to create fresh and exciting sounds with Augmented YANGTZE, we first had to capture beautiful and authentic samples.

The recording sessions unfolded over several full days in Sydney, Australia, under the meticulous guidance of experienced sound designers and engineers. We relied on esteemed microphones such as the Neumann U47, Neumann KM84s, and Neumann KM54s, paired with top-tier API and TG preamps. This setup was chosen to preserve the natural, rich, and clear essence of each instrument, deliberately minimizing outboard processing to maintain the authentic timbre and full-bodied sound.

Evocative instruments

An ancient musical tradition, recast for the future.

Augmented YANGTZE harnesses the natural, evolving textures of traditional Chinese instruments, many of which are inspired by elemental features of the landscape.

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