Audiostems The 28 Steps to Electronic Dance Music Production [MULTIFORMAT]

The 28 Steps to Electronic Dance Music Production – Melhem Maroun

Create your Track from “Scratch”, Right Now… From Start to Finish!

Are you a music producer who wants to finish and release Electronic Dance Music tracks fast and in a professional way? Are you facing difficulties finishing music, and searching for magazines and tutorials online? Or maybe you just need a Step by Step guide that you follow to have the success you really deserve.

If so, the 28 Steps to Electronic Dance Music Production is just for you! This book is simply the result of YEARS of experience and countless of hours of education boiled down to one single book.

It also comes with 50+ Audio Examples!

This Ultimate Guide is an “All-in-one”, contains all the required steps to build a modern EDM track from scratch. Think of this guide as your key to creating a track with any skillset. You’ll literally save YEARS of time searching for the “best” tutorials on the web..

The Package Includes the Guide itself and the 50+ Audio Examples used to create the track. You can use any DAW you like. It’s an ultimate learning package!

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