Audiomodern UTOPIA Cinematic & Classical Chord Progressions Chordjam Expansion

Dive into the rich tapestry of cinematic soundscapes inspired by the grandeur of classical compositions and the emotive power of cinematic scores. Whether you’re scoring a film, producing epic soundtracks, or adding depth to your music productions, this preset pack is your gateway to timeless elegance and cinematic drama.

Each preset is meticulously designed to transport your audience to another realm, where every chord resonates with the power of a thousand emotions.

What’s included?

  • Featuring customizable preset kits that can be re-arranged and remixed into
  • infinite combinations with our cutting-edge Chord Sequencer Engine

55 Unlocked Presets
55 Fully unlocked presets for Chordjam which include Chord Progression patterns.

55 Unique Progression Patterns
55 unique Chord Progression Patterns especially designed for this Expansion.

Infinite Combinations & Remixes
Each preset can be re-arranged and remixed into infinite new combinations.

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