Audiomodern NEON Acid Jazz & Neo Soul Chord Progressions Chordjam Expansion

Are you ready to infuse your tracks with the mesmerizing fusion of Acid Jazz and Neo Soul vibes?
Dive into a world of soulful chords, velvety progressions, and harmonies that define the essence of Acid Jazz and Neo Soul.

Unearth a treasure trove of chord progressions that effortlessly blend complex yet soothing vibes. From rich minor 9ths to jazzy augmented chords, this collection has it all. These chord progression presets are meticulously crafted to provide that organic, live-recorded feel that makes Acid Jazz and Neo Soul irresistibly infectious.

What’s included?

  • Featuring customizable preset kits that can be re-arranged and remixed into
  • infinite combinations with our cutting-edge Chord Sequencer Engine

50 Unlocked Presets
50 Fully unlocked presets for Chordjam which include Chord Progression patterns.

50 Unique Progression Patterns
50 unique Chord Progression Patterns especially designed for this Expansion.

Infinite Combinations & Remixes
Each preset can be re-arranged and remixed into infinite new combinations.

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