Audio Tech Hub Midi Morph Smart Melody Assistant [WIN & macOS]

Introducing Midi Morph:
The beat-bending, melody-mutating plugin that’s all about infinite variation.
Wave goodbye to monotony with a tool that’s built to inspire. With a single click, Midi Morph takes your tunes on a spontaneous detour, discovering harmonic avenues you never knew existed.

This isn’t just shuffle play for notes; it’s a creative co-pilot, turning the same-old into something spectacular. Slide into uncharted musical territory with randomization that feels like serendipity on tap. Octaves leap and melodies twirl at the flick of a knob, serving up an endless buffet of musical surprises.

Midi Morph is sleek, intuitive, light-weight and the new non-negotiable for your DAW. It’s not just about making music; it’s about crafting a sound adventure. Ready to break the loop? Get Midi Morph and play the infinite game.


Unbox endless musical possibilities with just a click.

Redefine your sound landscape, one randomization at a time.

Discover the soundtrack to your next big hit, hiding in the spaces between notes.

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