Audio Juice The Elements Collection (Analog Lab Bundle) [WAV Analog Lab Bank]

Presenting THE ELEMENTS COLLECTION: A bundle of 3 Analog Lab banks and a drum kit to take your music to crazy new heights!

Featured in the collection is:

  • Elements: WATER – A collection of 60 keys, plucks, bells, mallets and more for Analog Lab, perfect for creating captivating melodies.
  • Elements: AIR – A collection of 60 pads, leads, winds, and atmospheric elements for Analog Lab to add even more depth and vibe to your music.
  • Elements: EARTH – A collection of 60 basses, drones and FX for Analog Lab to act as the ground work of your sonic universe.
  • Elements: FIRE – 200 drum oneshots for all your rhythmic needs

Whatever your musical needs are, this bundle has you covered!

Please note that Arturia Analog Lab V is required to use this bank

Download link