AudeoBox PluggnB WAV

Dive into the vibrant world of Pluggnb, a genre that’s rewriting the rules of modern music while staying true to its roots. Born from the minds of XanGang and Goyxrd in the late 2010s, Pluggnb shook up the scene with its mesmerizing melodies, intricate layers, and beats that hit harder than your last breakup.

Think MexikoDro’s plugg, but on a whole new level inspired by Jazz and Rnb. From dreamy synthy video game vibes to jazzy chords that’ll have you feeling some type of way, Pluggnb isn’t just music – it’s an experience. And let’s not forget the legends who paved the way: Summrs and Autumn! from SlayWorld. These trailblazers didn’t just popularize the genre; they made it their own, shaping the sound of 2018 and beyond.

It was only right to keep it authentic and true to sound. This sample pack was crafted by the South African born producer Zain Wolfe and; Grammy Award winning and Multi-platinum producer Skimmy. As always this sound pack is royalty free.

278 Samples

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