Audentity Records Hyperpop Colors [WAV FXP]

Step into the vibrant, kaleidoscopic world of Hyperpop with the “Hyperpop Colors” sample pack. Bursting with energy and innovation, this collection is a tribute to the genre’s signature sounds and boundary-pushing creativity.

At its core, Hyperpop embodies glitchy synths, distorted vocals, pitch-shifted samples, frenzied rhythms and other exaggerated and hyperactive sounds.

Artists within the genre often employ heavy auto-tune, pitch correction, and vocal manipulation to create a surreal and otherworldly auditory experience.

“Hyperpop Colors” captures the essence of this boundary-breaking genre, offering producers a wealth of tools to craft dynamic and immersive tracks. From glitchy melodies to pulsating basslines, each sound in this pack is designed to inject your music with a burst of creativity and innovation.

Explore a diverse array of loops ranging from euphoric synth leads to frenetic drum patterns, ready to be chopped, sliced, and rearranged to fit your unique vision. Add depth and texture to your productions with a selection of meticulously crafted one shots, including punchy kicks, shimmering hi-hats, and atmospheric pads.

For those seeking to dive deeper into sound design, the pack also includes a collection of Serum presets, allowing you to sculpt your own sounds from scratch and push the boundaries of sonic experimentation.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer looking to push your creative boundaries or a newcomer eager to explore the cutting edge of electronic music, the “Hyperpop Colors” sample pack is your passport to a world of vibrant soundscapes and limitless possibilities.

436 Samples, 50 Presets

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