Ask Video Groove Guru 201 Creating Grooves [TUTORIAL]

Ask Video Groove Guru 201 Creating Grooves [TUTORIAL]

Let’s take a groovy trip into the amazing world of rhythm with none other than the Groove Guru himself, Yogev Gabay! Building upon the solid foundation laid down in his previous course, these entertaining lessons will launch your groove game into the stratosphere!

Groove is the essence of music! It’s heart! In this course, you’ll continue to explore the intricate world of rhythms, guided by the expertise of renowned YouTuber and drummer Yogev Gabay. In his very unique teaching style and using engaging visual elements, Yogev shows you how to finesse your groove-making skills and sync up with the heart and soul of music.

First up, Yogev’s gonna dissect the flavors of rock, pop, jazz, R&B, and Hip Hop and lay down the lowdown on how each groove has its own flavor. He’ll show you how to infuse your beats with dynamite dynamics, subtle nuances, and killer articulations unique to each genre. Plus, he’ll sprinkle in some drum kit magic to supercharge your groove-building skills. Western musical notation might seem as exciting as watching paint dry, but Yogev’s here to turn it into a rip-roaring adventure.

Next, he covers the importance of tension and release dynamics, one of the secret to creating captivating grooves. He demystifies those funky linear beats that make you groove with a sense of wonder. He shows you how to effortlessly weave them into your music and master groove-twisting techniques like displacement. But that’s just the tip of the funky iceberg… He also explores beatboxing, he plunges into the quirky world of odd meters and internal divisions, he shows you how to cook up new sounds from your drum kit with some sound-warping techniques and get with the groove-making times using the Beat Scholar app by Eyal Amir and more!

It’s time to put on your groovy boots and rock, funk, jazz up your beats! Join Yogev Gabay, on this rhythmic escapade, and together, let’s take the art of groove to levels that are out of this world. Groove on, baby!

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