Arthouse Acoustics Soul Survivor WAV

Arthouse Acoustics Soul Survivor WAV

Arthouse Acoustics proudly presents Soul Survivor, an ode to the soul samples that have forever shaped hip-hop history. This collection draws inspiration from the dusty crates of old vinyl stores and iconic samples that have influenced the genre. The pack features a curated collection of live instrument loops, nostalgic vocal hooks, and a resampled live vintage drum kit. Whether you’re a vinyl junkie or a producer looking to infuse your beats with soulful vibes, this one’s for you.

The team drew from the rich history of soul music to compose, record, and produce original compositions that capture the soulful essence of the past. The team used vintage microphones and analog preamps to channel the warmth and character of the live instrumentation. Included are full melody stacks, complete with breakdowns for added versatility, as well as stems for each instrument. Also included is a lovingly crafted collection of resampled and chopped track-ready hip-hop loops.

398 Samples

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