Andrew Huang VAPORS Sample Pack WAV

I’ve decided I want to share mini sample packs with you on a fairly regular basis. I create so much original audio when I’m working on music or videos or just messing around in the studio, I figure you may as well get some use out of it! It also alleviates some of the pressure/boredom of compiling large “proper” sample packs. If I made 20 cool sounds one week, I’ll just share them with you right away.

You can see my setup in the photo here (and in the video). Four oscillators going into four filters, each with their own modulation, so every note has a varied sonic identity. Notes and gates from the Arturia KeyStep are translated into CV by the Squarp Hermod, envelopes are generated by the Velectronic A-Envelope (which is what the demo is for), and occasionally there is some space added by a Mosaic Mono Reverb 1U. This was a patch I didn’t want to let go of for a while.

Everything is output through an Empress Compressor mk2 and then in some cases looped and wobbled and warbled by the wonderful Chase Bliss Blooper. Not pictured: I decided to throw everything through my Universal Audio LA-610 mk2 for some extra warmth. 🙂

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to tag me if you post anything you make with these. I love these sounds and will definitely be trying to incorporate them into tracks myself!

Download link