Analogpitch Forever Serum Preset Pack [WAV FXP]

Analogpitch – Forever brings a selection of unique, cinematic quality presets, along with 10 custom wavetables, to enhance the capabilities of Serum.

This preset pack features advanced modulators—tone, pulse, shade, and dynamics—that allow for precise control and shaping of your sounds.

Adjust effects and EQ with tone, shape the sound with pulse’s multiple LFOs, smooth out frequencies using shade as a lowpass filter, and manage synth and EQ levels with dynamics. With added flexibility from MIDI compatibility and the creative potential of custom wavetables, this pack is an essential tool for elevating your music production.

Important: This is a preset pack for the Serum VST plugin, not a standalone software. You need to have an up to date version of Serum installed in your DAW to use these presets.


  • 60 Presets
  • 10 Custom Wavetables

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